About Us

About Us

CTP is a small business engineering and manufacturing company headquartered in Lynchburg, VA. Our focus is the development and manufacture of ceramic, composite, and hybrid (combining the best of ceramic and composite material properties) components and assemblies for use in high temperature, high pressure, highly corrosive applications. Our technology centers around the hybrid, or “Multiplex” silicon carbide system which consists of monolithic SiC in combination with a SiC/matrix composite specifically engineered for your applications. This highly engineered multiplex system results in a very strong, tough, hermetic system specifically designed to meet the most demanding requirements.

Meet the Team

Herb Feinroth


Richard “Hawk” Rochow


Jeff Halfinger

Chief Executive Officer

Dale Rogers


George Beam

Project Management

Engineering & Operations

Farhad Mohammadi, Ph.D.

Ceramic & Material Engineer

Kyle Miller

Material Science & Engineering

Jacob Neiderer

Packaging Engineering

Eric Barringer, Ph.D.

Ceramic Engineer

Austin Scherbarth, Ph.D.

Material Science & Engineering