About Us

CTP is a small business engineering and manufacturing company headquartered in Lynchburg, VA. Our focus is the development and manufacture of ceramic, composite, and hybrid (combining the best of ceramic and composite material properties) components and assemblies for use in high temperature, high pressure, highly corrosive applications. Our technology centers around the hybrid, or “Multiplex” silicon carbide system which consists of monolithic SiC in combination with a SiC/matrix composite specifically engineered for your applications. This highly engineered multiplex system results in a very strong, tough, hermetic system specifically designed to meet the most demanding requirements.

Meet the Team

Herb Feinroth

Founder & Business Development

Mr. Feinroth has over 60 years of experience in the nuclear power and fuels business, including design and fabrication of Naval Nuclear fuels.

Jeff Halfinger

CEO & President

Mr. Halfinger has over 30 years of experience in design, manufacturing, engineering, and project management.

Eric Barringer, PhD

Lead Research and Materials Engineer

Dr. Barringer has 35 years experience in project management, technical management, and business development, with expertise in nuclear fuel, advanced power generation technologies, and advanced ceramics.

Doug Johnson

Business Development & Partner Relations

Mr. Johnson brings over 35 years of busdev experience, gained over a wide range of industries including energy, aerospace, defense, telecoms, chemical and software, for such firms as United Technologies, Booz Allen & Hamilton, BWXT, Ericsson, Dow, SAS and Framatome.

Kristen Frey

Project Manager & Manufacturing Engineer